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Shearing Directory

The following is a very short list of shearers in PA. PSWGA does not guarantee their availability or their work. This list is by no means complete and we would like to add other shearers to this list. If you know of any others that should be on this list please contact the webmaster with contact info (minimum of phone number).


Pete Brummer                                                      Briton Bedillion                                                 Randy Stitzel

Millerstown PA                                                      West Alexander PA                                           Fleetwood PA

717-589-3401                                                        724-484-0839                                                    610-944-9247


Hoyt Emmons                                                        Nathan Good                                                    Terry Spicer

Pennsburg PA                                                        Windsor PA 17366                                            Madoc PA

215-541-0566                                                        717-309-0350                                                     613-473-1278                                  


Tom Horton                                                          Randahl Williams                                                Dale McMillen

Towanda PA 18848                                              Wallingford PA                                                    Sugar Cove PA

570-265-8235                                                        610-499-1463                                                      814-757-8068                                 


Matthew Beutman                                                 Brian Barkley                                                       Rick Jones

Alum Bank, PA                                                        Manns Choice, PA                                               East Berlin, PA 

814-623-5756 or 814-977-9020                            814-977-8728                                                      717-309-6582


Rick Jones

East Berlin, PA





A list of sheep shearers in PA provided by ASI can be found at:


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