PA-Grazing Lands Coalition Small Ruminant Videos

     Small Ruminants in Bedford County, PA

    Sheep in Cambria County, PA

     Goats in Cumberland County, PA


Sheep Industry Resources

     American Sheep Industry Association

     American Lamb Board

     American Lamb (recipes, etc.)     

     Lean on Lamb     


     National Lamb Feeders Association

     PA Department of Agriculture

     PDA Livestock Evaluation Center

     National Sheep Improvement Association (NSIP)


Educational Resources

     Maryland Small Ruminant Page

     Cornell University Sheep Program

     Northeast Grazing Guide

     Oklahoma State University (Sheep breeds)

     Purdue University Sheep Extension

     Merck Veterinary Manual

     USDA-APHIS Scrapie Program



     USDA Weekly Summary     

     New Holland, PA Current Market Report





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